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Vintage Japanese Shigaraki ware Vase

Vintage Japanese Shigaraki ware Vase

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Vintage japanese shigaraki ware vase. 

Shigaraki ware (called Shigaraki yaki in Japanese) is a type of pottery made around the town of Shigaraki in Shiga prefecture.
Clays such as kibushimizuchi, or gairome are kneaded to make a strong clay that can be used to make thick and large pottery vessels.
One notable feature of Shigaraki ware is that it is made using coarse soil so it is highly fire-resistant. In the firing process, it acquires pink or other shades of red, becoming red with scarlet or brown overtones.
Due to subtle changes that depend on the temperature and firing method, Shigaraki ware's white clay takes on a scarlet glow and warm coloring, a characteristic unique to this craft.
When the pottery gets buried in the ashes from complete combustion of wood in the kiln, the bottom portion takes on a softer, dark brown color. The fact that this pottery is glazed also helps give the surface a smooth look. The rusty glaze on the scorched portions of Shigaraki ware is prized in tea utensils.
Shigaraki ware is unique because of its simple warmth and rich expressiveness.

Dimensions: 5"W x 2.5"D x 9.5"H

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