About us

In 2000, the first Lucca Antiques was opened in the heart of the West Hollywood Design District. Before that, there was Lucca the dog and the namesake of all our brands; Lucca Antiques, Lucca Studio Design and now Lucca Home.

Stephen and Susan have operated Lucca Antiques for more than two decades. sourcing in Europe for their stores in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Montecito.

Stephen's background is in philosophy with an early career teaching college. an academic interest in art and design, led to a side gig selling antiques. After several years of dealing and early morning shows, he met Susan - then beginning a partnership in life and business.

Susan founded a non-profit devoted to cancer survivors. She impresses all of us with her early work drafting legislation for the disabled, public speaking, writing a best selling book, and producing more than 20 award winning documentary films on cancer survivorship.

The couple now reside in Montecito with their dogs Leo and Sophie. The "original" Lucca and the company namesake, was their first of many dogs.

The Lucca brand has grown organically over twenty years, thanks to consistent design business and a loyal following. They have now turned their attention to Lucca Home as they tap those long developed relationships and sources to bring a collection of unique and curated decorative goods to your home.